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Our Basic Beliefs

First and foremost it is essential that you understand that no one expects you to put a life of beliefs behind you just by reading some document on the world wide web even if those old beliefs can relatively easily be challenged. 

All we ask is that you approach our teachings with an open mind and that you don’t discard them offhand. That you give us the chance to prove to you that our teachings can be substantiated by following the exercises which we give you

Many things will be difficult for you to understand as there are no words which exist at the present time for what exactly happens. We therefore tend to use analogies with what you understand to explain what happens in the world you don't. 

In the beginning there was "RAN" : which throughout time has been given many names. Neither male nor female, plus nor minus, good nor bad, light nor dark, RAN existed in perfect equilibrium existing in no silence nor any sound. 

With no way forward nor any way back the need for "life" to abound was born.

So "RAN" first became Plus and minus which combined with a force which did resound, creating waves which did vibrate to become universes and between them throughout was space. A speck containing a whole spectrum of universes first grew to the the size of a pea then a grapefruit and so on as matter won over anti matter.

Atoms, neutrons and the smallest particles separated and as part of the all did "RAN" experience as part of the all. Universes, worlds and Space and they were "RAN"

On this our world, the one we call Earth did Light and dark form and the land did separate from the see on this spinning globe. And from each particle of dew and each ray of light "RAN" did learn and store knowledge in the cosmic bank. 

With the stage now set, simple life began and evolved to become me and you from the code which was in all of the plan . As life ( and we as such) did evolve "RAN" could learn so we developed into bodies but with each body still as one part of the first speck of dust. As one drop in the ocean of life. Only the space between the drops has grown. To this day particles of the beginning are still contained in our bodies and some, closer than others, are our kindred Spirits. They contain the Love which we all need to bind us to "RAN" and to bind us together as humanity. We come into the world innocent. after being born with memories of everything which had come before but no ability to speak of any memories that should remain until the memories have left. You are then educated to accept the assumption that this state of existence is either all there is or at least extremely important. This makes many aspects of this life difficult to grasp for some, other than those who deep down know.

Bodies are but receptacles which holds the spirit. The glass which holds the fluid, the lamp which holds the light. The sensors which feed "RAN" but the body is flawed and the world is not as it seems to be. No Infra red nor ultra violet do we see but every wave which still resounds is picked up somewhere by one of our senses even though not recognised. 

We must learn to see far more than colour alone, to see the aura, to smell the colour red, to touch emotions, to hear the spirits and not to fear the dead for they just outside the wavelength that you have learnt to see and exist in harmony as part of you and me. 

Look around you and what do you see? You see only what your eyes allow you to see. No Infra red. No ultra violet. Yet you know that they are there. What can you smell? You smell a fraction of what your family puppy knows is there. The same applies to touch, Hearing and taste.


Before human senses were aware of the beginnings of your life you had started to be. One cell with a plan of what it was to become had started to grow. Just cells growing in a particular way but between each cell of this Bionic Machine was enough space for the atoms to rotate like a mini universe. A Microcosm of you to match the Macrocosm of the stars.

Each atomic rotation is like an ocean into which we have thrown a pebble. Each causes a vibration which one of our senses perceive but "OUR" senses, unless trained, can not perceive the breadth of the spectrum which can be perceived by other means. 

Still, we hear people say "I only believe what I can touch or see". They are blind and there are none so blind as those who will not see

After 9 months we are born and at that point the spitit enters. Our spirit exists, in it's own right, but there many things it cannot learn in the spiritual state of existence, Therefore 
( in a cycle of 144 years between births) the spirit takes a body to gain the experiences which the spirit can not e.g. pain, sorrow , grief . Its task is to master the challenges of the life it chooses. 

In a simplistic way it is as though we were entering school, college and university. Our first incarnation may teach us to live as a Caucasian heterosexual who lives a healthy life with relatively few challenges. The nursery school of incarnations, so to speak. Before birth we choose the course we wish to take based upon the content of that course/life. Life and its challenges become increasingly more dependent upon the number of incarnations we have had but instead of life becoming easier life becomes more difficult as the courses become more difficult with the more education one has. Life is therefore generally predestined within a certain frame but what we make of it is up to us, as is how we do and whether or not we complete the incarnation/course successfully or not. ( If not the incarnation will have to be repeated ). No one will ever be given more challenges than they are able to deal with.

Spiritual help is always at hand if only it can be recognized. Involuntary death is therefore not to be seen as negative but as the culmination of a successfully finished incarnation and the spirit has returned to join the spirit world ( what this means will be explained in detail later ). This should be celebrated for the spirit which has no trials and tribulations any more. " Do not feel pity for the departed for they have been successful in completing their life" Of course those left behind to feel a sense of loss and grief but do not feel sorry for the departed spirit as this was the incarnation that the spirit chose no matter how hard or unfair their parting may seem and their transition to the spiritual plane is now complete. It is those left behind that we must comfort for they must overcome this pain. Of course this doesn't take away the pain but we help those who ask for help. If you, or anyone you know, needs help please let us know bereavement@lifedeathand.com 

Death, grief. bereavement of any kind: all these are essential parts of the life which people have difficulty understanding. It is especially difficult to understand when we have only seen the incarnate as a child, close relative or when events of mass destruction are involved. We feel particularly moved then but we must learn to understand the reasons why what has happened, has. At the same time we must comfort those who are left behind for the death is also part of the life plan of the survivors who now need the care of our community.

Suicide is, on the other hand, another matter as this is the equivalent of a student "dropping out" and if life was to be easy then there would be no point to it. Dropping out as such is therefore futile as the difficulties of this incarnation must be repeated in the next incarnation until the lessons have been learnt and mastered.

If life is the school then sleep is the equivalent of going home after the day at school and we cast the body off as a diver would cast off a wet suit which he had needed to fulfil a task. We later study the similarities between sleep and the stories of out of body experiences to which people relate.


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