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Since the beginning of time mankind has sought answers to 3 main questions.
1) Is there life after death
2) Is there life before birth?
3) What is the reason for the trials and tribulations of life?
These are the 3 main questions with which those who study our teachings seek to answer by means of a mixture of theory to gain knowledge and practice to test the knowledge gained through the theory. How does any God allow small children to die, famines to occur, and the multitude of other painful experiences mankind has to endure? Such bereavement, pain and grief seem to be and are almost unbearable. We never try to ram our beliefs down anyone's throat. All we do is give comfort to those who need it. We have the answers!

* Ran is not a religion., it is a way of life and respects any religion that the seeker follows while educating about beliefs held by others to confirm their own. The enlightenment doesn't mind which path you take to reach it!

* Ran is not a cult

*Ran is a non-profit organisation

* Nothing offered by Ran is compulsory 

* Ran is the name of a study course to enable "those who wish to" to learn more about about themselves, others and that which many consider to be paranormal. If this is you It is a way for you to study how to aid your Personal development by teaching skills, Psychic, Psychological and Counselling abilities. 

We start by studying the beliefs which mystical societies, such as those held by the Zarathustra in 1400 BC through the Knights Templar up until the modern day Freemasons held. We have firm beliefs on humanistic Values, Ethics, Reasons for our Existence, pain and suffering, life and death, other beliefs compared to ours. Suicide, death, grief and bereavement of any kind: all these are the parts of life which people have difficulty understanding. Especially when children, close relations or events of mass destruction are involved we can give the reasons why, and comfort those who are left behind. However no reading can ever replace establishing a direct link with what came before and what will come after this incarnation. It merely enables us to build a communal vocabulary. For this reason we offer rituals (non obligatory) to harmonize ourselves with Cosmos laws, space and time.

Our aim is to guide each and every seeker to a point whereby they are proficient in separating that which is spiritual and that which is just undiscovered science (paranormal) and open their mind to be able to smell colour, see Auras, alleviate pain and suffering and counsel others automatically making them gain charisma and influence in their relationships with their fellows, be they Sexual, Marital or relating to Monogamy, Polygamy, Touch, removal of sexual imbalance and inhibition to reach high levels of spiritual understanding

* We are willing to send you exercises once a month with absolutely no commitment and should you cease to wish to receive the writings then a simple email to unsubscribe is all that is necessary. Our funding comes solely from donations.

At certain stages of your studies you will receive certificates of achievement from us showing your attainment and receive credits denoting your ability to practise.

In addition to receiving the course information (For which other organisations charge large amounts of money) we will also invite you to meet your tutor and fellows should you so wish (non obligatory) and to attend workshops which will enable you to make better informed judgements regarding your development and success.

Eligibility to receive our monographs is simply based upon a willingness to help those in need by sharing your knowledge with others in your daily life and to become stronger by passing on your experience and knowledge to those who need it. 

The acceptance of what we call "Ran" is the basis for being accepted by us as an acolyte of Ran. Basically we believe that:-. 

* It is never the right or intention for Ran to intrude upon the life of anyone "not" requesting this but it is the responsibility of all those who accept the teachings of Ran to help others needing help in any way according to their abilities and means.
* A willingness to learn is paramount. 
* All are equal but some have more to learn than others.
* Life in all forms is valuable.
* Those rights documented in the UN declaration of Human Rights and rights of the child are the minimum rights we should afford to our fellow man. Have you read the U.N. declaration of Human Rights lately? No, not many people have. That is why we put it on this site. Anyone who can not accept the contents of that will not wish to accept what we teach. 


* The stronger and more knowledgeable will defend those who ask to be defended.
* To help others one must first be prepared to learn and to be willing to purge oneself of misconceptions, accepting that not all of the views which one held were necessarily absolutely right.
*The Pillars of Ran are the basis for acceptance of those wishing to learn and Acceptance of Ran is simply based upon a willingness and a commitment to help those in need and to become spiritually stronger by living a life of giving experience and knowledge to those who request and sharing knowledge with others.

If you decide to learn more about Ran, our thoughts and our views then you will find more on certain subjects on this website but the website is not all and those who follow it will receive emails and invitations to attend gatherings to guide them further depending on their level of attainment.

Some of the subjects covered either in our temple groups Details or at home in self study are: We call each group of knowledge a pillar and each pillar is designed to allow you to reach a heightened level of spirituality.

1) Learning from the past: A study of those mystical organisations since the beginning of time who formed together to study the teachings of metaphysics, mysticism and what you can learn from their symbols and Myths. Learn about using symbols and stories to learn from what has gone before and discover the errors of ways which lead to false beliefs.

2) Community development: Influencing others to lead more productive lives and helping those in need is a major part of our activities which are visible to the outside world. Homelessness, alcoholism, drug addiction, forced prostitution, human trafficking, depression, mental illness, poverty, starvation, and other general problems brought on by age and dependency are all tackled by our teams of volunteers.

3) How to heal: Basic instruction on the most common and some not so common Complementary and Alternative Medicine and the difference between them. Learn how to help heal ailments of your family and your friends with Homeopathy, Reflexology, Reiki, Shiatzu, Yoga and many other lesser known treatments.,

4) Philosophy: The teachings of those mystics who have followed a path similar to the one you now wish to follow and who have gone before.

5) Wicca: Only by understanding white magic is it possible to understand the clear and present danger still in this day and age from those who practice black magic and how evil can succeed if good does nothing and looks away.

6) Personal and Financial development: Become more successful in your life by understanding which rules govern the lives of those who are successful and how by following the same rules you will automatically be caught up in the currents which will lead you to your personal success. Only those who have are in a position to help others and give. Our members are taught to be financially successful beyond the average so that they can give to others.

7) Psychic development: Learn how to tune in to the laws of the universe, learn and practise how to travel the Astral plane, see Auras and look beyond the veil of death while having the ability to influence objects and other people on this plane. This course of instruction will increase your psychic powers and enable you to draw upon the untapped potential within yourself. to use Clairvoyance, Hypnotism, Spells, Astral Projection and White magic to influence others and objects to reach the goals of enlightenment and destiny.

8) Consulting: Learn how to help others, especially at times of grief and bereavement, by showing them paths which will make them more content , satisfied and happy in their own lives and which will make them eternally grateful to you.

9) Psychic and physical protection: Some believe that they are just the subject of "bad luck" but often bad luck is actually being subjected to bad and malignant vibrations. Learn how to protect yourself, your body, mind and spirit as well as those of your family and friends from these influences and those who would hinder your way. We all need to protect our souls from negative aspects that surround us and drag us down all the time.

Thanks for coming into our lounge,

Barrington Roy Schiller
Like Damocles, where will you be and how much will you have learnt when the sword drops and this life is at an end?

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